Crosshouse Primary School and Communication Centre

In December 2014, the Council allocated £2.5m for developing the Crosshouse Communication Centre project - based on 30 children. However in the intervening period, as the detailed design was developed, the roll within the Communication Centre has increased. On 24 January 2018, Cabinet approved an additional £0.700m giving an overall budget of £3.200m for the Communication Centre.

It is also acknowledged that the building fabric of Crosshouse Primary is in need of investment as well as enhanced gym, dining and improved outdoor facilities. East Ayrshire Council has committed to address these issues and Cabinet has approved an additional sum of £3.000m for the primary school.

A total of £6.2m will be invested in Crosshouse Primary and Communication Centre.

Arrangements are being put in place to extend the education accommodation further in the short term by converting currently under-used facilities within Crosshouse Community Centre.

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