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Children at home for medical reasons

When a child is absent from school for medical reasons and at home for an extended period, education can be continued there. The responsibility for applying for such a service rests with the head teacher of the child’s base school, in consultation with parents/carers.

The school will monitor all absence of children/young people through ill-health, taking responsibility for automatic consideration of educational support after 15 working days continually, or 20 working days of intermittent absence for verifiable medical reasons.

Home tuition is considered when:

  • the anticipated absence of a child is 15 working or 20 intermittent days
  • there is written medical confirmation of anticipated duration, medical condition and the child’s ability to sustain some involvement in teaching and learning
  • it is expected that the young person deemed fit to receive home tuition will carry out independent work to complement teaching input

In some cases, the provision of transport to school on medical grounds, full-time or part-time, may be a more effective option.

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