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Choosing to home educate your child is your right, and you do not as such, need permission to do so, as long as you provide an efficient education suitable to the age, ability and aptitude of the child, 

What to do if you want to home educate

As an Education Authority we aim to work in partnership with parents who wish to home educate their children.

If you intend to home educate your child you must ask for consent to withdraw them from the school roll, unless they have:

  • never attended a public school
  • never attended a public school in the authority’s area
  • been withdrawn from an independent school
  • finished primary education in one school but have not started secondary education in another*
  • been attending  a school which has closed*

* You may choose to notify us that you intend to home educate

You should write to us as early as possible and where reasonably practical, before the date that you wish to withdraw your child from school. You should also include initial proposals as to how you intend to provide education for your child.

Guidance for parents and carers

Write to us

You can ask to remove a child or children from school by sending a letter seeking consent to withdraw and outlining your proposals to educate to the Head of Education at the address below.

Contact Information


Home Education
Telephone: 07500 912902
Telephone: 07385 394638