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Our Governance arrangements build on a long established culture of:

  • community and strategic planning
  • financial sustainability and resilience
  • best value
  • self-assessment
  • benchmarking
  • performance reporting
  • external inspection

All of this helps us to do better for our communities.

Council strategic framework

Our Council Strategic Framework 2022–2027 will support our existing arrangements to continue practicing good governance. It will focus on improvement over the next five years of the Framework, to deliver the best possible outcomes for our communities.

The Framework aligns four of our new key plans and strategies and the arrangements we have in place for supporting, monitoring and delivering expected outcomes and continuous improvement over the five year period 2022–2027.

It will also make sure our policies are aligned to support the future sustainability of our services and minimise any risk to the Council.

Key plans and strategies

The Medium Term Financial Strategy, Workforce Strategy and Digital Strategy, along with the Council’s Capital Investment Programme and Asset Management Framework, are key enablers for the Council’s Strategic Plan.

They will support and enable the full range of priorities set out within the Strategic Plan and will contribute to the achievement of our shared Community Plan ambitions and Local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2021–2024.

A report incorporating the four key plans and strategies of the Council Strategic Framework 2022–2027 (PDF 6.4Mb) was agreed by Council at its meeting on 27 October 2022.

Updates on the framework

In addition to an annual report to Council on the Framework’s associated action plans, elected members will receive regular updates on the four key plans and strategies.

Comments and suggestions

Get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions on the Council Strategic Framework and its strategies:

Comments and suggestions

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