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Look after yourself and others

Severe weather has the ability to disrupt our daily lives in all sorts of ways, like the loss of power and property damage. Make sure you know what to do to prepare:

  • have your heating system checked
  • ensure that water tanks and pipes are properly protected
  • know where the water stopcock is and how to turn off electricity and gas
  • check your smoke alarm
  • have a carbon monoxide detector fitted
  • ensure that all ventilation systems are working. Let air into the house especially when the heating is on.

Being a good neighbour

It's nice to be nice - check on elderly neighbours or relatives. Helping each other a little can make a big difference:

  • make sure they are eating and drinking regular hot meals and drinks – perhaps make an extra portion for them next time you're preparing a meal
  • check that their cupboards are stocked – if not, offer to pick them up some groceries on your next visit to the supermarket
  • advise them to wear several layers of thin clothes rather than one layer of thick clothing – this keeps warm air trapped
  • make sure their heating is in good working order and turned on – the temperature of a room that they spend most of their time in should be between 18-21 degrees Celsius
  • ensure they have a couple of thick blankets handy
  • give them your phone number and make sure it's in a handy place if they do need your help.

Home emergency kit

Make up a home emergency kit and put it where it is easy to reach and include the following:

  • a torch and spare batteries
  • candles and matches
  • a thermos flask
  • bottled water and ready-to-eat food
  • dry clothing and footwear
  • any essential medication 
  • a battery operated radio or a wind up radio
  • a list of emergency numbers 

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