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Members of Parliament

About the Parliaments

There are 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs). MSPs represent their constituents on matters which are devolved to the Scottish Parliament, such as Education, Health and the Environment.

Members of the Scottish Parliament for the East Ayrshire Council area 

House of Commons

There are 69 MPs representing Scotland in the House of Commons at Westminster. Their role is to represent their constituents on reserved matters which include Defence, Foreign Affairs, National Security and Employment.

Members of Parliament for the East Ayrshire Council area 

You should contact your MSP for devolved matters and your MP for reserved matters.

European Parliament

The European Parliament has 626 Members who are elected in the fifteen member states of the EU for a five-year term. There are 87 MEPs for the UK. Most of the time, Parliament and the MEPs are based in Brussels where it's specialist committees meet to scrutinize proposals for new EU laws.

There are six members of the European Parliament representing Scotland as a whole.  Details of all six can be found on European Parliament website.


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