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Apply to hold an event

To hold an event in East Ayrshire there is now a requirement to complete a simple pre-event application form.

This form should be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of your event, but the more notice you can give the better.

If your event requires a Public Entertainment Licence you must submit your pre-application form before applying for your licence. More information can be found on our licensing pages.  

Apply to hold an event

  • Section 1 - Contact Information
    All fields marked with a * are mandatory
  • Are you a registered charity?
  • Please indicate the nature of your event
  • Do you have any previous experience in event management?
  • Section 2 - About the Event
  • Is the event to be held on Council or private land?
  • Has the event taken place before?
  • What is the anticipated maximum number of people attending at any one time?
  • Is the event ticketed?
  • Section 3 - Activities and Publicity
    Please note that licences may be required for some of the listed activities below. Visit our Law and Licencing web pages for more details:
  • Please tell us which type of activities will be at your event. Select all that are applicable
  • Will the closure of any roads be required?
  • Are there onsite parking facilities at your venue?
  • If your event is approved do you consent to details of your event being publicised on the events section of the Council’s website?
  • Please upload the following documents if you have them available; at this early stage these can be in draft form
  • Section 4
    Please allow seven days for a response from date of submission. All appropriate licences must be applied for separately. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure the event is delivered legally and safely.
  • Please check this box to indicate that all the information you have provided is true and you have understood all information in this document.


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