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Our Sports Development staff are responsible for the development of high-profile activities and programmes aimed at specific groups which would benefit from being involved in such positive activities.

Bank of Scotland midnight league

This initiative provides 10–18 year olds with informal but structured opportunities to participate in football. This type of activity has been tried, tested and proven to work both here and throughout the world. Bank of Scotland Midnight Leagues are offered free to participants on most Friday nights of the year across eight different venues and are supported by local police and our volunteer sports clubs.

Streetsport cages

Recognising the need to provide activities close to young people’s homes, the Young People, Sport and Diversion Team deliver night time activities within certain residential areas. These activities are delivered at outdoor multi-use games areas (StreetSport Cages) and provide opportunities for 10–18 year olds to participate in sport in a less formal environment. The key outcome associated with this is the high visibility of young people actively engaged in positive sporting activity. There are 25 StreetSport Cages in East Ayrshire.

Youth action team

Vibrant Communities staff target areas which have experienced incidences of anti-social behaviour to offer a positive alternative to young people within the communities. Working in partnership with Police Scotland, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and our Risk Management Centre, recent incidences are reviewed and areas which are deemed as hot spots in that period are targeted to alleviate the problems which anti-social behaviour can cause. 

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