The aim of the Active Schools network is to offer all children and young people opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, now and into adulthood. These opportunities are available before, during and after school, as well as in the wider community. Active Schools aims to introduce more physical activity into children's daily lives through active travel, play and dance. 

Link to National Strategies

Active Schools is a key element of the Scottish Government’s commitment outlined in the National Physical Activity Strategy, Let’s Make Scotland More Active.

The National Strategy for Sport, Reaching Higher, highlights Active Schools as one of the key successes of Sport 21 (the previous national strategy). The Active Schools Network has an important role in realising the vision laid out within Reaching Higher. Active Schools also makes a major contribution to the actions laid out for local authorities in this strategy.

Other initiatives

Active Schools contributes to the aims of other initiatives:

  • National Priorities for Education, Community, Learning and Leisure
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • How Good is Our School
  • How Good is Our Community Learning and Development
  • Health Promoting Schools
  • Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Bill
  • Local Community Planning
  • Integrated Children’s Services
  • East Ayrshire Leisure and Cultural Strategy

School and community involvement

Active Schools supports the concept of physical literacy, aiming to see young people engaged in an active lifestyle. Schools have a major role to play, becoming hubs for delivering a varied programme of activities.

Active Schools builds links in the community, allowing pupils to continue developing their sporting experience outside school. This may be as simple as continuing to play a sport socially, or it may result in more serious participation, developing through club structures into competitive sport.

Key outcomes

Key outcomes for Active Schools will be to increase activity amongst:

  • girls and young women
  • black, minority and ethnic young people
  • young people in communities where socio-economic disadvantage is prevalent 
  • young people who do not currently participate in physical activity
  • young people with a disability.

Contact Information

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