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Water quality requirements originate from a European Directive of 15 July 1980 (80/778/EEC) relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption.

In 1999, local authorities and water boards enforced legislation. Key points that are relevant to this authority have been extracted and are detailed below.

Water Scotland Act 1990

Local authorities must take appropriate steps to keep themselves informed about the wholesomeness of public and private water supplies in their area and notify the water authority if not satisfied.

Local authorities are required to secure improvements to private water supplies if they consider them necessary.

The Water Supply (Water Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 1990

Require water authorities to monitor the quality of their supplies.

Require water authorities to publish an annual report and keep a public register of water quality in the area.

The Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 1992

Require local authorities to classify private supplies according to size and use.

Require local authorities to monitor private supplies in their area according to classification.

Require local authorities to secure improvements to private supplies if they are considered necessary.


In the Pollution Control team there is a sampling programme in place and all public and private water supplies are sampled regularly. The samples are sent to Glasgow Scientific Services where they are analysed both chemically and microbiologically.


If a complaint has been received regarding water quality a sample is taken and analysed.

The results are then forwarded to the complainant and if necessary a copy sent to West of Scotland Water for them to follow up. A letter is enclosed with the results stating whether any remedial action is required and a follow-up sample may be taken.

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