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If you disagree with your rateable value, you have a legal right of appeal. This should be discussed with the Assessor at the Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board. 

You should not delay payment while awaiting the outcome of any appeal or application for relief.

Valuation appeals

New owners, tenants or occupiers may appeal within four months of acquiring an interest in a property and where the Assessor alters the Valuation Roll (by making a new entry or changing the value); the appeal must be lodged within four months of the date of the Valuation Notice.

Appeals may be lodged at any time on the grounds of error or in the event of a material change of circumstances.

Most appeals are settled amicably between the Assessor and the ratepayer or appointed agent. If a settlement cannot be achieved then the appeal is heard by an independent Valuation Appeal Committee.

Find out about lodging an appeal at Scottish Assessors Association: Valuation Appeals.

Appeal hearings

View a list of Council Tax and Revaluation Appeals lodged in the area at Scottish Assessors Association: Appeal Hearings.

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