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Celebrate Robert Burns

Celebrate Robert Burns at the Burns House Museum and Library in Mauchline. It's free to visit!

Burns House Museum and Library is a cultural haven that pays homage to the life and legacy of the renowned Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Nestled in the heart of Mauchline, this museum and library offer a captivating journey into the world of one of Scotland's literary treasures. Immerse yourself in the rich history and poetic brilliance of Robert Burns as you explore exhibits that showcase his life, works, and the cultural impact he left behind.

Watch our video of the Burns House Museum and Library in Mauchline

Burns House Museum history

Red sandstone buildings that are now the Burns House Museum

Robert Burns, Scotland's National poet, and Jean Armour began married life in Mauchline in 1788. The room they lived in is preserved to form part of the Burns House Museum in the centre of Mauchline. 

From the 18th to 19th centuries the building deteriorated to such an extent that by 1915 it was uninhabitable. Charles Cowie, a Glasgow merchant, rescued the property which was renovated to create a small museum together with accommodation for the elderly. In 1958 the old people were moved out to more suitable accommodation and an appeal was launched to again restore the property. 

In 1969 it re-opened to a modern museum, retaining the Burns room and providing accommodation for a resident caretaker. 

A section of the museum is devoted to the life of Robert Burns, but the village is also famous for curling stones and Mauchline Box Ware, so exhibition space is also made available for these important themes.

Mauchline town centre regeneration

Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) is a heritage led regeneration scheme for Mauchline. Keep up-to-date with what's happening on our  Mauchline Town Centre Regeneration page.

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