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Barr Castle, Galston

Barr Castle was built in the 15th century, probably for the Lockhart family. This building, five storeys high with plain walls, was purchased by the Campbells of Cessnock in 1670, and has since been used as a wool store and Masonic hall.

Caprington Castle, Kilmarnock

Located less than two miles from Kilmarnock centre, many generations of Cuninghames have lived here. The earliest parts date from the 15th or 16th centuries. After 1780 however, it was remodelled in the Georgian style and again in the 1830s in a baronial style. The Cuninghame family are still in residence.

Carnell Estate, Hurlford

Carnell is a beautiful mansion house and estate on the outskirts of Hurlford. The original late 16th century tower house has been incorporated into a later Scottish baronial style mansion house, but is still visible. The first owners were the Wallaces of Carnell, but the mansion was added in 1843 and further additions have been made since. The estate is privately owned and available for weddings, conferences and shooting parties.

Cessnock Castle, Galston

Cessnock Castle lies just outside Galston and was built by John Campbell of Loudoun. The tower house dates back to the late 13th century, but alterations were made after 1578. The 17th century saw further additions such as the circular stair-tower and the octagonal tower. Restored between 1890 and 1900 for the Duke of Portland, the complex was bought in 1945 by Baron de Fresnes and is now in private residential use. Mary Queen of Scots visited the castle, after her defeat at the Battle of Langside.

Craufurdland Castle, Fenwick

Craufurdland Castle - estimates of the date of the oldest parts of the castle date back as far as 1245, when it was simply a tower house. The current gothic-style frontage is from the early 19th century. The castle is still in private ownership and operates as a bed-and-breakfast and wedding venue.

Kilmaurs Place

Kilmaurs Place was built in the 17th century as a replacement for Kilmaurs Castle, nothing of which survives today. Previous owners include the 9th Earl of Glencairn (Lord Chancellor of Scotland) and the Montgomeries of Eglinton. It can, however, still be viewed from the public park in which it lies.

Kingencleugh Castle, Mauchline

This little-known castle was built for the Campbells around 1600. The main block is reduced to its foundations, but a wing still survives.

Mauchline Castle, Mauchline

This tower was built in the 15th century, not for defensive purposes, but as a monastic residence for Melrose Abbey. During the 17th and 18th centuries, dwelling houses were added adjacent to the tower. It is said that Robert Burns married Jean Armour in the dining room here.

Newmilns Tower

Located in the centre of Newmilns, this tower once had impressive gardens and orchards surrounding it. It was built in the 14th century for Hugo Campbell of Loudoun, but fell into disrepair. There have been recent efforts to preserve the building.

Terringzean Castle, Cumnock

Ruins of the castle lie within the grounds of Dumfries House, the oldest parts being dated at about 1400. There are foundations of a possible 13th century hall-house, the entire complex standing on a raised bank and surrounded by defensive ditches.

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