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Spiral-boyNo matter where they live or whatever their needs, children, young people and their families should always know where they can find help, what support might be available and whether that help is right for them.

As a parent/carer of a child you ensure that your child is safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included. To help you already have access to health and education professionals to advise and assist you. You may also have people within your community, such as friends, clubs etc that help your child to develop.

However, there may be times where you may need additional help and it is important for you to know that every child has an entitlement to support from a named person.

Before your child enrols in primary 1 the named person will be your health visitor or family nurse. Once your child has started primary 1 your named person will be a senior member of education staff. They will be your point of contact if you need any advice, have concerns or require help for your child. Your health visitor, family nurse or school will let you know who your named person is. 

These concerns may be about bullying, behaviour issues, emotional issues, how they are coping with homework, or something that's changed at home. In some cases, the person you contact may need to bring in additional help and support - as a team around your child they will always involve you and your child in any planning.

Alternatively you can contact your child's school, health visitor or family nurse if you want advice or someone to discuss your concerns with. This person may also have identified concerns themselves and will work with you, or arrange for the right help to be put in place by someone else. They will listen to you and take the appropriate action required to support the wellbeing of your child. This may involve consulting with others where appropriate if as a team you decide that other agencies need to come together to assess what your child needs are. The professional coordinating any support your child requires will be your contact.

How do I know who this is and how do I contact them?

It has been agreed in East Ayrshire that your named person contact will be:

  • your health visitor or family nurse from birth till they enter primary school (primary 1)
  • once your child starts school (Primary 1), the school or education service has identified a promoted teacher

You can contact them directly.

For more information see the websites below or talk to your child's named person.


A guide to information sharing for parents and carers

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