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Adopters will have a designated Family Placement Supervisor who will provide support, advice and guidance until the adoption process is completed. Post-adoption support is offered and encouraged too.

Adoptive parents may also be entitled to financial support based on an assessment of the needs of the child and a financial assessment of the adopters. Where adopters are considering links to sibling groups or individual children with more complex needs, flexible and creative packages of support will be provided where necessary in order to ensure the best outcome for the child/ children, and of course the adoptive family.

Support to permanent carers

Throughout your fostering career you will have a designated Family Placement Supervisor who will visit you on a regular basis to offer support, advice and guidance.

Permanent carers will be entitled to a fostering allowance. The allowance level depends on the age and needs of the child.


If you are an adopted person, the service will offer counselling and may, if you wish, help with tracing your origin.


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Fostering and Adoption
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