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Pest control

Reporting pest control incidents are separated into high and low priorities for action in order to provide a response to more urgent enquiries first.

High priority

Urgent enquiries will be dealt with within two working days. Rats and mice are generally classified as high priority, as are wasp complaints because of the perceived risk of harm.  Read more information about bees and wasps.

Low priority

Less urgent enquiries being responded to within five working days or less. Ants, slaters, and other insect pests are generally rated as low priority for action.


In general, all pest control work undertaken by Environmental Health is chargeable. Payments for services should be paid in advance with a standard charge of £47 (including VAT) for up to three visits. Call 01563 576790 (Option 5) to request this service.

In the case of Council or housing association properties, costs are reclaimed from the agencies concerned, whilst owner/occupiers are charged directly.

Specialised work

Whilst a wide variety of pest control problems can be dealt with by the service, there are some practical limitations to the work undertaken. Some large and specialised jobs may be beyond the resources of the service and, accordingly, may have to be dealt with by one of the national pest control companies operating in the particular field.

Bird control

Bird control problems are generally excluded from our service, as it is currently considered that they should be referred to the specialist companies who have the expertise required.

We currently engage with an external contractor to provide advice and assistance with gull and pigeon control.

As the nature of the job entails visiting complainants to carry out pest eradication treatments, most of our Pest Control Officers' time is spent away from their central operating base at Western Road, Kilmarnock. If you wish to make a request for a visit, treatment or advice please contact us.


The treatment of woodworm is also considered to be a specialist field outwith the scope of our service.

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