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Local Housing Strategy

The Local Housing Strategy is the overarching strategy for housing in East Ayrshire and incorporates previous strategies in relation to homelessness, housing support and fuel poverty.

The East Ayrshire Local Housing Strategy 2013-2018 was approved by full Council on 23 January 2013 and was submitted to the Scottish Government for a process of Peer Review. 

The strategy covers both rented and owned housing, and identifies the current challenges and priorities for future activity in the following areas:

  • affordability and balanced housing markets
  • housing quality, energy efficiency and fuel poverty
  • access, information & advice and support
  • homelessness
  • better neighbourhoods

The Local Housing Strategy is supported by a Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA), a body of evidence that has informed development of both the Local Housing Strategy and the Council's Main Issues Report. The Council's HNDA was submitted to the Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis and was approved as robust and credible in September 2012.

An Equality Impact Assessment has been completed as part of the strategy development process.

Please contact us to discuss Equality Impact Assessment any of the themes in more detail or request copies of the strategy in alternative formats.


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