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The Housing Improvement Programme maps out the vision and goals for a programme of work by the Council over the next five years.

The programme will ensure that all of our tenants' homes meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

Find out more about the improvement works as part of the Housing Improvement Programme below. 

Kitchen, bathroom and electrical upgrades

The contractor will normally issue you with a notification seven days before work is due to start.

Kitchen works

Kitchen works will include renewal of:

  • kitchen units
  • sink
  • worktops

There may be some alterations to the layout of your kitchen. This will be discussed with you prior to works taking place.

Bathroom works

Bathroom works will include:

  • bath (including side panels)
  • wash hand basin
  • toilet/cistern

Electrical works

Electrical work depends on the age of your existing electrical wiring and switches, but it will involve a degree of disturbance as the following are replaced:

  • cables
  • sockets
  • switches
  • light pendants

Guidance notes for tenants

View home improvements guidance notes for tenants.

Video about the process

Watch a video about the process we go through for kitchen, bathroom and electrical upgrades:

Door and side screen replacement

As part of our commitment to you to provide safe, energy efficient homes, and to ensure your home meets the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, we are carrying out a programme to replace:

  • timber external doors
  • frames and side screens with UPVC
  • double glazed panels

Single glazed window replacement

We are committed to ensuring your home is warm, safe and energy efficient.

We have gone beyond the government's Scottish Housing Quality Standard and put in place a window replacement programme to replace single glazed windows with new UPVC double glazed units.

Central heating upgrades

As part of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard we have an ongoing commitment to replace old and obsolete central heating systems with new energy efficient systems.

Depending on where you live you could receive either a new gas central heating system or a new wet electric central heating system.

Watch the videos below showing our central heating upgrade process.

Central heating upgrades video

Resident feedback on central heating upgrades video

Troubleshooting your boiler and heating video


Unlike the foundation of your home, the roof is not built to last a lifetime and over time will degrade due to damage from the elements.

We are committed to ensuring that your home remains wind and watertight and so have an ongoing programme of reroofing.

Specialist roofing

In addition to our normal reroofing programme we also have a specialist reroofing programme, for example replacing flat roofs with pitched roofs.

Door entry systems

As part of our commitment to provide you with a safe and secure home, and to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, all houses with a common entry will receive a modern new door entry system with a control handset in each property. 

Electrical improvements

As part of our commitment to ensure that the electrical installation within your home is in a safe condition, we are responsible for ensuring that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for your home is carried out by a competent electrician.

As a minimum, this EICR must be carried out:

  • before a new tenancy starts
  • during the tenancy, at intervals of no more than five years from the date of the previous inspection

The electrician will carry out checks of:

  • installations for the supply of electricity
  • electrical fittings (including but not limited to: switches, sockets and light fittings)
  • fixed electrical equipment (including but not limited to: boilers, panel and storage heaters and hard-wired smoke and fire detectors)

Consilium Contracting Services, our partner contractor, will assist in the delivery of this important safety work. 

If your home is programmed to receive this EICR, you will receive written notification seven days in advance of the planned appointment to allow you to make suitable arrangements or alternatively arrange another appointment.

All Consilium employees will carry appropriate identification however if you have any concerns or require clarification on any issue associated with this work, please contact our Customer Support Team at Housing Asset Services.

Timber houses preservation

Throughout East Ayrshire we have a number of non-traditional timber built properties.

In order to ensure the future of these houses we have in place a timber preservation programme. 

Disturbance allowance payments

Existing tenants who have had central heating replacement carried out in their home will be issued a disturbance allowance payment by BACS transfer.

Allowances are not payable for external works such as re-roofing, windows and painting.

The amount paid depends on the type of improvement work carried out.

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