Environmental improvements participatory budgeting

Last year saw a pilot initiative to allocate part of an environmental improvements budget in Kilmaurs through a Participatory Budgeting (PB) process.

PB basically allows local people to make decisions about budgets that directly affect them.

In Kilmaurs, this meant that environmental improvement projects were identified and put to local tenants to vote on which projects would go ahead. The voting took place at a public decision event where people could view the projects and vote for which ones they wanted to see happen.

Participatory budgeting events

In 2018, we will roll out this initiative out across the four allocation areas and we are asking for your support in the communities where these events will take place.

The budget for each event has been allocated as between £15,000 and £20,000. For more information download our Frequently Asked Questions on Housing Environmental Improvements

The communities identified for 2018/19 PB events are:

  • Patna (£15,000) 
  • Newton (£15,000) 
  • Kirkstyle (£15,000) 
  • Catrine (£15,000) 
  • Kilmarnock Northwest (£20,000) (Longpark, Onthank, Altonhill, Knockinlaw) 

Voting and proposals

This budget comes directly from East Ayrshire Council's Housing Revenue Account. Voting will only be open to tenants and people who live with them over the age of eight. However, we are looking for proposals from anyone living in the community.

We will be looking for housing officers to be part of a PB working group which will include relevant Tenant and Resident Associations and East Ayrshire Federation representatives and members of the community to take initiatives forward as a Steering Group.

We welcome your involvement and support in each project. If you would like to get involved in any capacity please contact our Customer Liaison Team.

Proposal form

If you live in any of the communities (excluding Kirkstyle) you can make an online proposal by filling in our Environmental Improvements Proposal Form. 

Contact Information

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