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A new scheme of assistance was introduced on 1 April 2010. The purpose of the scheme is to make the most effective use of public funding that is directed to assisting homeowners, private landlords and, in some cases, the tenants of private landlords.

The first point of access to assistance is the Housing Service either by self referral or referral from a third party such as Social Work.

The types of assistance that may be provided are:

  • free advice on how to carry out repair and maintenance works to the home
  • site visits to identify the work require to be carried out and in which priority
  • advice on how to obtain quotations from contractors
  • how to choose suitable contractors
  • advice on other organisations that could also provide assistance
  • advice on how to engage with neighbours where common works are involved
  • general property maintenance advice  

We have developed a range of information leaflets designed to assist owners to maintain their property. They cover topics such as asbestos, dampness and condensation, looking after your roof and understanding your title deeds. You can download the leaflets under further information or pick them up at any of our neighbourhood housing offices or local offices.

Common works connected to the Council's investment programme

There is no mandatory requirement for local authorities to provide grant assistance to undertake common works. However to promote the achievement of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard within council housing, we will provide means tested financial assistance for eligible common works where these relate to a property that includes a Council dwelling.

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