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Active travel works to promote walking and cycling as health-enhancing physical activities.  

Sedentary lifestyles increase the risk of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis. One of the easiest ways to increase physical activity is to include walking and cycling in the daily routine.

Active Schools support active travel initiatives in partnership with East Ayrshire Council Roads Transport, Ranger service, Sustrans and Cycle Scotland. 


Research by Cycle Scotland recommended the development of a Scottish Schools' development programme for cycling skills, targeting primary school children.

East Ayrshire Council agreed to pilot the programme, as there were existing cycling structures to build upon, to further establish a cycling development pathway

The programme aims to:

  • extend choice and improving accessibility for young people
  • increase numbers of primary school children cycling to school
  • increase numbers of primary school children participating in cycling activities
  • increase numbers of primary school children with safe cycling skills

School streets

Ayrshire Roads Alliance successfully bid for Spaces for People funding from Sustrans which allows temporary measures to be put in place to make it easier for people who are walking and wheeling to physically distance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Projects starting soon will be trial School Streets part time road closures on roads near schools and a trial segregated cycle lane scheme.

Find out more about Spaces for People

Cycling skills development programme

Ready, steady, bike

Ready, steady, bike training develops basic understanding of cycle control skills for primary 5 pupils.

Scottish cycle training scheme

This training equips Primary 6 pupils with the skills necessary to become competent and safety conscious cyclists. It makes them aware of the Highway Code, risks and responsibilities of cycling, environmental issues and cycle maintenance.

On-road training

On-road training provides further practical basic training and development of cycling skills for Primary 6 pupils.

The bike journey

This training focuses on young people negotiating multiple junctions, being aware of everything around them, demonstrating a basic understanding of the Highway Code and creating a travel plan.

Young people who have demonstrated competent levels of cycling skills and knowledge are encouraged to participate in day-trip cycling and the cycling journey to and from school.

Walking to school

Active Schools supports educational establishments by promoting the organisation of national walk to school events. A travel plan co-ordinator assists schools with travel plans, advice and guidance.

Further information on active travel can be found on the Sustrans website

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