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Assessment information
Title No-One Left Behind Operating Plan
Lead officer(s) Ian Burgoyne
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Date summary created 12 Oct 2022
Date assessment completed 12 Oct 2022
Summary of policy aims No-One Left Behind adheres to 7 key principles in working towards creating better person-centred employability services for East Ayrshire residents:

1. Treating people with Dignity and respect, fairness and equality and continuous improvement

2. Providing a flexible and person-centred support - aspirations for all age, needs based

3. Is straightforward for people to navigate - no wrong door

4. Integrated and aligned with other services - building on the Scottish Approach to service design with the user at the centre

5. Providing pathways into sustainable and fair work

6. Driven by evidence including data and the experience of users

7. Support more people to move into the right job, at the right time
Key issues This policy provides a service that is places the person at the heart to ensure that support required is tailored to their individual needs, be that support because of a disability, language support etc to ensure every effort is made to positive supported destination.

The policy will be monitored by the East Ayrshire Local Employability Partnership (LEP) which aims to provide employability provision that meets the needs of end users and local communities, we will ensure that equalities are taken into consideration, and this is reflected as a standing agenda item of LEP meetings.
Summary of involvement with Groups The No-One Left Behind Operating Plan was developed following the publication of the Employability Review and Employability Strategy for East Ayrshire published in November 2021. These papers included consultation with stakeholders, service users and partner organisations.
Key recommendations To recommend the policy and ensure that operating plan will be reviewed annually, and any modifications will be reported back through the East Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership Economy and Skills Group.

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