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Assessment information
Title Climate Change Strategy
Lead officer(s) Andrew Kennedy
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Date summary created 10 Feb 2022
Date assessment completed 08 Feb 2022
Summary of policy aims The Climate Change Strategy sets out how the Council will respond to the climate change emergency and sets an ambitious target and plans for the Council to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The Strategy also sets out how we will engage with and work with our communities to ensure that our wider local authority area is net zero by 2045. These aspirations, together with our commitment to a just transition to net zero are reflected in the Strategy`s vision which is set out below:

East Ayrshire will be a low carbon place with a thriving and diverse environment. We will have strong, healthy, resilient and vibrant communities that benefit from high quality places, multi-functional green spaces and access to high quality services that are well located to maximise sustainable travel choices. Our economy will have recovered and be fairer, greener and more inclusive, with all East Ayrshire citizens able to benefit from greater economic opportunities.
Key issues The EqIA recognised the positive benefits of reducing our carbon emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change for all of our residents and did not identify any negative equality impacts from actions and projects identified in the Strategy.
Summary of involvement with Groups An extensive consultation and engagement exercise, was undertaken to inform our Strategy. This included an online survey, which included specific questions for our employees and local community organisations and businesses was promoted and supported by our Vibrant Communities Team, who encouraged all of our community groups, including disability groups to respond. In addition, feedback from our second Children and Young People`s Climate Change Conference, our annual community conference and meetings with our local business associations was also used to gain feedback, promote local action and encourage the behaviour change that will be required to achieve our net zero ambitions.
Key recommendations The four key themes of the Strategy were supported and endorsed by our consultation and engagement, feedback from which was used to further enhance our future actions to support our net zero ambitions.

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