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Assessment information
Title Wellbeing Supports Document
Lead officer(s) Jane McKie
Telephone number
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Date summary created 12 Oct 2021
Date assessment completed 12 Oct 2021
Summary of policy aims This inclusive wellbeing support document will benefit a wide range of employee groups, their families and the wider community and provides particular supports available for people impacted by bereavement, mental health, sexuality, debt, suicide, alcohol and drug, fitness, menopause. Equality groups positively impacted would be: Women, Children and Young People, LGBT, Age
Key issues Information and research shows that there is a need to have a living document of sources of support for employees, their families and wider community. New developments happen, research becomes available and as a result the document will continue to be added to. Some of the long term mitigations described will be actioned over a number of years to support the breaking of socio-economic cycle of poverty.
Summary of involvement with Groups Key groups and information sourced includes information on child poverty, womens aid, figures around suicide etc. Also feedback received from groups such as financial inclusion, citizens advice in relation to financial problems, domestic violence etc. Surveys of key groups have been carried out highlighting mental wellbeing as an issue and the range of causes.
Key recommendations Publish the document in a range of accessible formats.

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