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Assessment information
Lead officer(s) Wendy Johnstone, Housing Register Manager
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Date summary created 22 Jul 2021
Date assessment completed 22 Jul 2021
Summary of policy aims To widen the previous resettlement commitment of up to 50 refugees to include other cohorts incorporated within the wider UK Government Resettlement Scheme, and to support re-settlement of 2 families through the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy Scheme (ARAP).
Key issues Participation in the schemes will advance equality by supporting refugees who are fleeing conflict or persecution. In some cases, the persons protected characteristic may be the very reason they have left their country of origin. It will also assist to eliminate discrimination by promoting diversity within the community across East Ayrshire and facilitating access to suitable, safe and secure accommodation for those fleeing or in fear of persecution.

It will advance equality of opportunity for such individuals by facilitating access to good quality affordable housing and health support agencies, which should assist in further breaking down barriers and assisting resettlement across East Ayrshire. It will foster good relations by helping individuals access suitable safe and secure accommodation and facilitate a balanced and cohesive approach to resettlement within the wider community for these families.This will enable them to become active members of our communities with strong, diverse relationships and connections. This in turn will help to strengthen East Ayrshire's communities
Summary of involvement with Groups Consultation has been undertaken with Cosla and the involvement of the other 31 other local authority areas. Information from feedback from our current refugee families has been fed into the consultation.
Key recommendations To approve the support re-settlement of 2 families through the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy Scheme (ARAP).

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