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Assessment information
Title Workforce Planning Action Plan 2021/22
Lead officer(s) Donna Neilson
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Date summary created 12 Jul 2021
Date assessment completed 16 Jun 2021
Summary of policy aims The aim of the Workforce Action Plan for 2021/22 is to provide key actions and timetable to support services, to ensure all workforce aspects are taken account of within their Service re-designs and renewal plans taking place over the next 12 months. This will be done through the monitoring of the make up of our workforce including age, ethnicity, gender, type of employment, to ensure services can maintain a stable workforce and achieve their aims. Workforce monitoring will help to identify gaps and support actions to meet future needs and ensure equal opportunity for all. One area of specific support will be for the development of a younger workforce as well as ensuring support is provided to increase employability for those furthest from the labour market. In addition the monitoring of temporary arrangements and the promotion of fair work will have a positive outcome for our local communities and economy.
Key issues AGE: Workforce statistics show that we have an aging workforce across the council and therefore part of the workforce plan is to promote pathways into employment for young people. Ongoing quality data monitoring will be required.

Positive impact for young people, by developing a consistent approach to the range of opportunities available to young people. Our actions may differentially impact on older people. Range of options to support older employees is in place including a range of pension options and re-training through our career change tool, where appropriate. Continual review and monitoring of our employment framework - Policies such as Flexible Working, Enhanced Leave and Carers leave may mitigate against any differential impact felt by older employees.

DISABILITY - Low numbers of employees.

Actions within the workforce plan, particularly around the work of the Apprenticeship Action Plan, work experience policy and positive recruitment, can support disabled people to access opportunities within the council.

RACE: Low numbers of BAME employed within the council

Aspects of action plan around Apprenticeship pathways, fair work and positive recruitment may support people from different ethnic backgrounds to access opportunities within the council

GENDER: Pay and Grading model being developed will closely look at the pay differentials between sexes and look at options/mitigations to reduce gender pay gaps between the sexes.

EAC is an area of high deprivation, high unemployment and low income. The review of the council pay structure and the creation of fair good quality work for fair and equal pay will have a positive impact on our local communities.
Summary of involvement with Groups Work has taken place with Council Management Team, Trade Unions and other colleagues. Benchmarking has been carried out with other authorities. Policies have been reviewed by relevant groups such as Young People group.
Key recommendations To implement the 1 year action plan.

To create an apprenticeship forum with employees from different services as well as YP representatives will ensure we can develop future actions to reach certain groups.

To continue to review and monitor gender, disability and race pay gap and provide mitigations where possible through the Equalities Forum.

To review our monitoring of data in respect of older/younger employees and making adjustments to target groups based on that data.

Target specific groups for particular job opportunities through the review and development of the positive recruitment policy.

Create opportunities to publicise routes and support available to encourage applications for roles from under represented groups.

To Identify and facilitate pathways, identifying barriers for certain groups and finding ways to support people to get jobs either through the provision of work experience, linking with partner organisations as well as publicising the range of employment pathways and through our positive recruitment policy.

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