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Assessment information
Title Service Redesign - Phase Two Recovery and Renewal Plan (Savings option Line 2)
Lead officer(s) Robert McCulloch, Interim Head of Housing and Communities
Telephone number 01563 576598
Email address
Date summary created 24 Nov 2020
Date assessment completed 23 Nov 2020
Summary of policy aims This is one of the Savings options being considered by Housing and Communities as part of their Recovery and Renewal Service Redesign (Phase 2). This Savings Line plans to delete existing posts through existing workforce planning options and re-profile other job roles and vacancies:

(Part a) Deletion of G10 Community Investment Officer [CIO] (approved); 0.5 FTE G10 Team Coordinator [TC] (YPSD); 2 x Outdoor Services Operatives [OSO] (Currently Vacant);

(Part b) Business Support Review; Re-profiling of HRA/General Fund Posts. HRA budget will be re-profiled as appropriate.
Key issues Females employees over 50 are like to be impacted more if we are reducing the business support provision.

Workforce Planning Polices are specifically designed to be advantageous to those over 50, in particularly the retirement options policies. We aim only to let go, those who wish to take advantage of the Workforce Planning Policies. We aim to support staff to take up other opportunities within Housing and Communities, creating a potential new career pathway / promoted options for the staff member.
Summary of involvement with Groups This is following on from the strategic direction of our Response, Recovery and Renewal Plan / BVSR which was covered by:

(1) Trade UNIONS - through the Interim Head of HR

(2) Political Leads - through the Interim Head of Housing and Communities

(3) - EAC Housing and Communities BVSR June 2018

- EAC Transformation Strategy 2017-2022

- EAC The Workforce Plan


- EAC Housing and Communities COVID-19 Response, Recovery and Renewal Plan

- EAC Service Redesign Flowchart

- Scottish Government's Covid-19 - A Framework for Decision-Making

Additionally, we will be taking to Cabinet in February 2021 a full Phase 2 Recovery and Renewal Plan which will finalise all these arrangements and involve further engagement.
Key recommendations EQIA approved.

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