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Assessment information
Title Flexible Retirement
Lead officer(s) Amanda Lowe
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Date summary created 19 Aug 2020
Date assessment completed 19 Aug 2020
Summary of policy aims East Ayrshire Council recognises that in appropriate circumstances, there will be mutual benefits both to employees and the Council to apply a Scheme of Flexible Retirement. Such a Scheme enables the Council to retain the skills and knowledge of an experienced employee whilst enabling the employee to wind down in the prelude to retirement.

The Council's overall Scheme on Discretions under the Local Government Pension Scheme, provides for the Council to exercise discretion to allow an employee to take Flexible Retirement (i.e. early payment of retirement benefits) if they have attained age 55, and with Council consent, reduce their working hours or their grade.
Key issues This policy will positively impact on older employees, by supporting them to retire on grounds of age if they wish to. Therefore this policy provides positive action on the grounds of age for all employees over 55, as EAC are applying the Flexible Retirement option available under the Strathclyde Pension Fund. It applies equally to all genders, ethnic groups, employees with disabilities etc, as long as they are over 55 and are a member of the pension fund then they are able to apply for this option.
Summary of involvement with Groups The Council have involved trade union representatives who they represent our workforce which includes employees in this age group and other protected characteristics.
Key recommendations To approve the policy which allow for flexible working opportunities for employees over 55.

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