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Assessment information
Title Apprenticeship Framework
Lead officer(s) Amanda Lowe
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Date summary created 12 Apr 2021
Date assessment completed 12 Feb 2020
Summary of policy aims To increase the starting rate of pay for Modern apprentices and ensure a consistent approach to the application of pay rates to the qualifications gained from the apprenticeship programme being offered.
Key issues In the longer term if young people from deprived areas are more able to access these training posts, then this provides them with increased opportunity for future employment on completion of training. Differentiation of rates of pay between modern apprenticeships (1year) to Professional/Craft/Engineering apprenticeships is fair based on the length of these apprenticeships, the qualifications being achieved and the entry level requirements.

Being in training and employment has a positive impact on health and wellbeing, supporting self esteem, confidence and resilience.
Summary of involvement with Groups Collaboration with partners such as Skills & Employability, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and also through the use of a survey directly focused on the voice of young people who work for us.
Key recommendations Accept the increase in the basic rate of pay for apprentices to reduce pay inequality for this group and to establish a starting point for the wider review of pipelines for young people coming into the Council to work through apprenticeships, work experience placements and internships.

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