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Assessment information
Title Review of Specialist Provision
Lead officer(s) Julie Muir
Telephone number 01563 576004
Email address
Date summary created 04 Mar 2020
Date assessment completed 04 Mar 2020
Summary of policy aims This is the first step of the process and permission is sought to commence Statutory Consultation, which will provide opportunities for parents/carers, children and stakeholders to participate within the review of the specialist provision through the Statutory Consultation process.The aim of the review is to move towards a model of inclusive, specialist supported learning centre (SLC) provision across identified Education Groups to meet the needs of children and young people who are experiencing significant difficulties accessing their learning in a mainstream environment.
Key issues Key issues and judgements will be recorded throughout the Statutory Consultation process to ensure equity and transparency.
Summary of involvement with Groups The aim of the proposal is to seek agreement for the Statutory Consultation to commence. This is the start of the process and it is anticipated that many of the protected characteristics will be considered throughout the Statutory Consultation; in particular those characteristics pertaining to children with additional support needs. This is an organic process and the assessment will be adjusted to reflect the outcomes and views of all participants during the review.
Key recommendations This detail will be added once the Statutory Consultation has ended and the outcomes and next steps are known - The service review cannot pre-determine the outcome of the Statutory Consultation.

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