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Assessment information
Title Smarter Working
Lead officer(s) Angela Graham
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Date summary created 03 Jul 2019
Date assessment completed 03 Jul 2019
Summary of policy aims Smarter Working is an approach to organising work that aims to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in achieving job outcomes through a combination of flexibility, autonomy and collaboration, in parallel with optimising tools and working environments for employees. Smarter Working is our plan for the way we want to work in East Ayrshire, with facilities and working practices which help us do our jobs effectively and empowering our people to choose the right location to work to suit the task in hand. It is moving from a culture of my desk or office to one of a shared workplace.
Key issues The best examples of flexible and agile working in practice all demonstrate:

• A strong leadership and adoption of principles at all levels;

• A consistent communication and application of the principles;

• An improvement in staff productivity and satisfaction with their work-life balance; and

• A commitment to continually review and improve opportunities for Smarter Working
Summary of involvement with Groups A number of different methods of consultation were undertaken, which included:

9 Employee HACKATHON`s held with over 700 employees attended

2 Think Tank Meetings with over 85 employees attended

Change Champions identified within the offices

Trade Unions reps identified
Key recommendations To approve the policy, however it should be noted that mechanisms will be developed to monitor and review the smarter working impact. This will include questionnaires to inform feedback of the implementation of smarter working. This will be undertaken by Organisation Development which will form mini reviews of the roll out.

A full review will be undertaken by 2022.

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