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Assessment information
Title Development of Transformation Strategy 2017-22
Lead officer(s) Katie Kelly, Head of Housing and Communities/Craig McArthur, Head of Finance and ICT
Telephone number 01563 576232
Email address
Date summary created 08 Feb 2019
Date assessment completed 27 Jun 2018
Summary of policy aims The Transformation Strategy sets out the challenges and opportunities we face over the next five years to deliver financially sustainable services, building on the steps we have already taken to reduce costs, whilst best serving our communities. It will engage our Elected Members, workforce and communities in a collective effort to inform and shape our future as a Council. In addition to reviewing our current range of services, we will build on our local strengths and assets to reduce demand and empower our communities. Underpinning this work, is our commitment to reducing inequalities and building a fairer, kinder and connected East Ayrshire.
Key issues A fundamental redesign of how the Council will deliver services is envisioned. This will require a continual assessment of the areas that might potentially be impacted by these actions being proposed. At this stage no negative impacts are anticipated with a desire to become "fairer, kinder and connected" through implementation of the strategy. Individual assessments for specific projects and actions will continue to be undertaken and appropriate mitigations introduced as appropriate.
Summary of involvement with Groups Vibrant Voices will ensure "always on engagement" with a wide range of stakeholders (employees, Trade Unions, communities of interest, member of the public and elected members). This has started and will become an integral element of how we implement our transformation work.
Key recommendations Agree the strategy at Council

Continue to assess each project and specific actions to ensure Equalities issues are identified and addressed at an early stage.

Ensure the Transformation Team are well briefed / trained on all matters relating to EqIA, to provide support to services at the earliest stage of redesign.

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