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Assessment information
Title Common Allocation Policy
Lead officer(s) Helen Merriman
Telephone number 01563 555686
Email address
Date summary created 25 Oct 2017
Date assessment completed 27 Sep 2017
Summary of policy aims The Allocations Policy aims to meet the following key objectives:

• To address housing need;

• To alleviate and assist in the prevention of homelessness;

• To be open, fair and consistent in the allocation of our houses;

• To ensure people are offered housing that meets their need;

• To make best use of the housing that becomes available for rent each year;

• To give people as much choice as possible;

• To meet legislative requirements and standards of good practice
Key issues The Common Allocation Policy enhances opportunities for people from the protected characteristics to access housing in East Ayrshire.The policy states we are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone who applies to us for housing and preventing discrimination, that houses will be allocated in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy and the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. The policy states it will not discriminate against anyone because of their age, sex, marital status, disability, race, nationality, language or other personal features including beliefs or opinions such as religious beliefs or political opinions. The policy states that applicants who find that their current home is unsuitable because of an existing health issue or disability can apply to have their housing circumstances assessed and graded to reflect any health or disability priority by a Housing Occupational Therapist. Health and Disability points awarded will be on a low, medium or high priority and are awarded will be in addition to any other points the applicant may be entitled to within the terms of the policy.

Care and Support points are a single set points that may be awarded to applicants, who either, require a move in order to be supported by a relative or informal carer; or alternatively, who require to move so that they can provide support to a relative or person. Care and Support points will generally only be awarded to immediate family members such as parents, children, siblings, partner, grandparents, and in-law or step family, however, consideration may be given to extended family, friends or informal carers not related to the person.
Summary of involvement with Groups The consultation exercise, led by Wendy Johnstone, Housing Register Manager, undertaken in summer 2017 involved all tenants and housing list applicants in order to take into account their views on the current Housing Allocation Policy and consider their responses to the proposed changes.

The consultation involved:

• 11,797 East Ayrshire Council tenants a number of which were also housing applicants

• 3,203 non tenant housing applicants

• East Ayrshire Tenants Residents Federation

• Tenants and Residents Groups

• Postal to every East Ayrshire Council tenant

• Postal to every housing list applicant

• East Ayrshire Council Corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts

• East Ayrshire Council website

• Email to Council staff and Community Planning Partners asking them to take part in the consultation survey

The consultation pack was also made available online and available, on request, in braille, large print or recorded on to tape, and could be translated into Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Gaelic and Polish.

The pack could be posted using a Freepost address or handed into any East Ayrshire Council, Atrium Homes, Cunninghame Housing Association, Irvine Housing Association or Shire Housing Association office.

Further information regarding the policy and consultation was available from the Housing Register Team via a telephone number, email address and correspondence address provided.

A separate ‘away day' consultation event took place in February 2017 for housing staff from the Council and from each of the Partner Registered Social Landlords to discuss the proposed revisions to the Allocation Policy express their views.

Elected Members were invited to attend a presentation on 22nd June 2017 where they were presented with the proposed recommendations.

Views on the Common Allocations Policy have been sought from the Council`s Corporate officer for Equality and Diversity.
Key recommendations There are no suggested modifications to the Common Allocation Policy as it promotes positives action where required and therefore has balanced process to accessing housing in East Ayrshire.

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