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Assessment information
Title Report on Kinship Care Payments and Supports
Lead officer(s) Paula Raymond
Telephone number 01563 503309
Email address
Date summary created 28 Jun 2017
Date assessment completed 28 Jun 2017
Summary of policy aims The report is intended to update the Integrated Joint Board on current interim funding arrangements for kinship care child allowance payments, to advise of the range of supports provided to kinship carers and to seek approval.
Key issues The report has the potential to impact on all equality groups, however the impact would be positive. The groups have inherent vulnerabilities relating to their status and support requirements, however the report highlights the protective factors already in place to mitigate the impact that any changes in benefits might have for these groups. The report goes further in that it recommends that East Ayrshire Council continue commit to the Parity Model to protect these groups from any additional adversity due to benefit changes. The report recommends that there is a commitment to continue Match funding until the National Child Allowance Review Group can provide further guidance/ clarity.

All children and young people who are looked after on a kinship basis will be affected. The impact will be positive in as much as it provides a financial safety net for families who could be affected through changes to benefits and tax credits.
Summary of involvement with Groups No direct involvement with groups as this was a proposal made to the Integrated Joint Board.
Key recommendations The proposals within the report impact positively on the intended groups through providing a level of financial support to mitigate against changes to benefits and tax credits. There are no foreseen negative impacts on the groups and as such, no modifications are required to reduce these.

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