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Assessment information
Title Guidance on Requests for Looked After and Accommodated Children and Young People to Leave the Country/ Take Residential Trips
Lead officer(s) Paula Raymond
Telephone number 01563 503309
Email address
Date summary created 20 Jun 2017
Date assessment completed 20 Jun 2017
Summary of policy aims The Procedure and Guidance provides a framework for decision making about whether children are able to travel for overnight stays with their carers, within Scotland, the UK or abroad. The guidance sets out who is required to give permission for the child to travel, and what level of risk assessment is required for the trip and how this will be recorded.
Key issues The Procedure impacts positively on the equality groups it is aimed at, in as much as it tries to promote opportunities for children in care having access to the same experiences as their peers, and that this is managed in a safe manner without placing unnecessary restrictions on these opportunities.

The Procedure recognises that Looked After Children can already face some level of disadvantage as a result of their status, and attempts normalise some aspects of their lives. Through allowing them these positive experiences, the procedure aims to reduce feelings of being different from their peers.

The Procedure recognises that the Authority must meet all health, safety and welfare requirements for the children, young people, their carers and staff going on any trips. Provision is made within the Guidance for Risk Assessing and recording the necessary information to ensure that trips are safe.

The Procedure recognises the positive impact that holidays or breaks away can have for children and young people. The procedure aims to normalise these experiences for Looked After Children whilst also ensuring that they are kept safe.
Summary of involvement with Groups Feedback from foster carers, the Care Inspectorate and team colleagues was used in the development of the Procedure. Scottish Government guidance, and looking at what other local authorities do also influenced the Procedure.
Key recommendations There are no suggested modifications to the Procedure as it appears to have balanced the rights of the children and young people to have access to these opportunities while ensuring the Authority meets its requirements in relation to keeping everyone safe.

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