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Assessment information
Title Permanence Procedure
Lead officer(s) Paula Raymond
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Date summary created 10 May 2017
Date assessment completed 05 May 2017
Summary of policy aims The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all children and young people, who require alternative permanent care arrangements, other than with their birth parents, have the opportunity of security and settlement within an alternative family as soon as possible to maximise their full life potential.
Key issues The procedure is aimed at workers who are required to undertake this process, and guides them through this in a manner which minimises the impact any delays might have on children and young people.

Children and young people`s views, preferences and cultural and religious backgrounds and beliefs are sought throughout the process.

The permanency process in itself can impact negatively on the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. This procedure is designed to minimise the trauma experienced by the children and young people going through this by reducing the time it takes to find a permanent home and changes in placements.
Summary of involvement with Groups This procedure is aimed at workers. A high level of consultation was held in developing this procedure along side professional colleagues from the legal department, Social Work Service Managers and Team Managers and Social Workers.

Children, young people and families were not directly consulted however recognised research into how they experienced the permanency process informed the development of procedure.
Key recommendations This procedure impacts positively on outcomes for the protected groups it is aimed at. There is clear evidence throughout that the procedure places the children and young people at the centre of everything, and that their wellbeing is the focus.

There are no recommendations on how this procedure could be improved. The five day Permanency Training course compliments the learning in relation to this procedure.

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