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Flooding will often catch you by surprise. Taking some precautionary measures could make all the difference if you are ever faced with a flood. 

Precautions you can take to help include:

  • contact your insurance company to make sure you have adequate flood cover
  • report a blocked drain by calling us on 01563 576310 or 0345 724 0000 out of hours
  • if you live in an area prone to flooding stock sandbags at your property in a cool dry place
  • learn how to make emergency sandbags by filling pillowcases with soil or sand
  • keep a flood pack of batteries, wind up or battery radio, torch, first aid kit, sanitary supplies, bottled water, insurance policy
  • consider arrangements for children, pets and elderly family members during a flood
  • keep a list of contact numbers you may need in a flood - Council, Scottish Water, GP, relatives
  • plan alternative accommodation if at all possible
  • during adverse weather, check flood warnings or call SEPA's Floodline on 0845 988 1188

 If there is a severe weather warning issued:

  • watch what is happening and check:
    • if the weather getting worse
    • what other people are doing
    • should you be doing the same
  • move your car to higher ground if you can do this safely without risk to yourself
  • take measures to prevent water entering your premises such as laying sandbags or pillowcases filled with earth
  • get children and pets safely inside your house
  • be aware that floods can escalate very quickly

During a flood

During a flood there are a number of actions you can take to ensure your safety and that of your family and your property:

  • call us on 01563 555555 and select option 1 during office hours or 0345 724 0000 at any other time - we may be able to provide sandbags
  • if the situation escalates contact the emergency services
  • if you are being flooded from a sewer also call Scottish Water on 0845 600 8855
  • keep safe your house keys, mobile phone, credit cards, medication, children's essentials

If you voluntarily choose to leave by car, tune into West Sound (96.7FM) for emergency advice and instruction.

On leaving your house, there are a few things you can do to increase the safety of your home. You should only do these if you have time and you can do them safely without risk to yourself:

  • take your personal items such as house keys, mobile phone, credit cards, medication, children's essentials, flood pack and duvets/blankets
  • turn off electric and gas supplies
  • unplug appliances
  • lock all door and windows
  • raise electrical and susceptible items to avoid flood waters

Actions after a flood

As with before and during a flood, taking appropriate action after a flood can ensure your family's wellbeing, and provide you with peace of mind after a traumatic event:

  • check water quality is drinkable - contact Scottish Water on 0845 600 8855 if unsure
  • wait for confirmation that it is safe to turn on electricity and gas
  • get an electrician to check electrical products before using them
  • ask all tradesmen to show identification and be aware of rogue traders trying to cash in on your loss
  • wash hands thoroughly after contact with flood water or silt
  • contact your insurance company, and make an inventory of all damaged goods, including food, taking a video or photographs is useful
  • dispose of contaminated food in a black bag and put out with normal refuse - do not try to salvage damaged food
  • contact insurers before disposing of anything
  • ensure surfaces are disinfected and free from contamination, pay particular care to food preparation areas
  • make sure taps are clean before using them for the first time
  • if you swallow mud or contaminated water contact your doctor and state that your house was flooded
  • replace any manhole covers that may have become dislodged if you can do this safely without risk to yourself
  • keep children and pets away from floodwater
  • check that paving has not become hazardous or dislodged

Flooding can be a very traumatic event and causes a great deal of personal suffering. If you need emotional or financial support there are a number of agencies you can contact:

  • the Samaritans will provide emotional support and can be called on 08457 90 90 90
  • contact your bank to try and arrange a holiday from mortgage payments if required
  • people caring for an adult can contact the Carers Centre on 01563 571533
  • The Association of British Insurers provides help and advice on insurance matters 

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