Talented Athletes

In 2009 East Ayrshire Council, in partnership with East Ayrshire Sports Council, introduced the Talented Athlete Support Programme to recognise the success of our local athletes and help them to be the best they can be in their chosen sport by providing a package of practical and financial support.

The list below includes all athletes who have been accepted into the Talented Athlete Support Programe since 2009. Each athlete has represented Scotland or Great Britain in European or International competitions, with many bringing home medals to East Ayrshire. Their achievements bring great pride to us all and inspiration to our communities.

Adam El Shafei  - Sakai Karate
Adam Hall - Glasgow City Council
Alistair Green - British Volleyball Federation
Alan Jardine - Special Olympics Team Member - Swimming    
Allan Lusk - TAGB Phoenix   
Allan Young - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Amber Hoggans - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Andrew Barr - Kilmarnock Junior Ice Hockey
Andrew Redmayne - Dundee HSFP
Anne Boyce - Craufurdland
Archie Ballentine - Special Olympics Team Member - Ten Pin Bowling
Ben Crosby - Kilmarnock Junior Ice Hockey Club
Callum Green - Sheffield Volleyball Club
Callum MacMillan - Mauchline Badminton Club
Cameron Muir - South Ayrshire Swim Team
Cara McCulloch - Individual
Carrie McLean - Auchinleck Indoor Bowling Club
Chloe Allan - Ayrshire Gymnastics
Chris Wadsworth - Bearsden Ski Club
Claire Ferguson - Ayrshire Gymnastics
Clare Johnstone - Auchinleck Bowling Club
Connor Wallace - NWABC
Craig Carfray - KWLC
Craig McIntyre - Troon Tornadoes
Craig Wilson - Kilmarnock RFC
Dale Cree - KWLC
Darren Dunlop - Sakai Karate
Deirdre Nagle - PD NAtional Squad
Douglas Paton - Special Olympics Team Member - Ten Pin Bowling
Elaine Young - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Elizabeth Struthers - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Emily Farquhar - Ayrshire Gymnastics
Emma Cook - Hurlford Badminton Club
Ewan Lancaster - Troon Tornadoes (Basketball)
Ewan Moore - Prestwick Tennis Club
Fiona Dawson - Kilmarnock Jets
Fiona Wilson - Galleon/Riccarton Bowling Club
Frank Maguire - Ayr Archery
Gary Kelly - Sakai Karate
Georgi Black - KWLC
Gillian Wilson - Elle Baton Twirling Troupe
Graeme Kane - KWLC
Gregor McVean - Glasgow School of Sport
Hannah McLean - Kilwinning Girls
Hazel Bracken - Phoenix TKD
Heather Nelson - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
James Milton - Hurlford Badminton Club
James Reed - TAGB Phoenix
Jay Wilson - Cumnock UKTC (Taekwondo)
Jemma Lewis - Kyle Figure Skating Club
Jennifer Rodger - Kilmarnock Acrobactic Gymnastic Club
Jessica McCrum - Kyle Figure Skating Club
John Campbell - Drongan/Ayr TTA
Johnathan Welsh - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Jonathan McDonald - Special Olympics Team Member - Swimming
Josuha Rutnagur - GHA
Kaitlyn Hall - Strathclyde University
Kieran McMaster - NWABC
Kirsten Geals - Grange Church Club
Kyle Pearson - KWLC
Laura Millar - Kilmarnock Acrobactic Gymnastic Club
Laura Reilly - Kilmarnock Acrobactic Gymnastic Club
Lewis Gallacher - Glasgow City Badminton Club
Lewis Young - North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club
Lorna Bennett - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Lucy Glendenning - Kilmarnock Acrobactic Gymnastic Club
Marion Struthers - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Mark Bennett - Cumnock Rugby Football Club
Mark Guthrie - Galleon Curling Club
Martin Waddell - Special Olympics Team Member - Swimming
Matthew Crawshaw - Hurlford Badminton Club
Matthew Milligan - Special Olympics Team Member - Swimming
Michael Kelly - Aberdeen FC
Michael McRoberts - TAGB Phoenix
Michaelah McCluskey - Ayrshire Gymnastics
Morgan Allan - Kilmarnock Acrobatic Gymnastics Club
Natalie Nicol - Sakai Karate
Peter Baird - KWLC
Peter Kirkbride - KWLC
Peter Redmayne - Kilmarnock RFC
Robbie Muirhead - Kilmarnock FC
Robert Clark - Glasgow School of Sport
Robert Smith KWLC
Robin Shankland - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Ruaridh Cutherbertson - Easterhouse Panthers
Ryan Barr - Kilmarnock RFC
Scott Jackson - Ren 96
Shannon Carrick - Kyle Figure Skating Club
Shannon Duffy - Ayrshire Gymnastics
Sophie Smyth - KWLC
Stephen Dalziel - Special Olympics Team Member - Swimming
Stewart Anderson - Glaisnock Valley / Auchinleck Indoor Bowling Clubs
Susan Alexander - Special Olympics Team Member - Ten Pin Bowling
Tate Cano - Shirley's Twirlers
Tom Nelson - Ayrshire Tug of War Club
Zoe Blair - Kilmarnock Sports Acrobatics Club

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