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Equipment for hire

Our Fun 4 Hire service provides a wide range of exciting activity packs for hire primarily for use by voluntary, community and statutory groups within East Ayrshire. The equipment is low cost and offers options suitable for all ages.

We can help you run a session or our fully trained staff can train your own staff/volunteers to use the equipment.

Equipment to be uplifted by hirer

EquipmentCharge (+training required)
Keyring Maker* £3.80 per day + 45p per keyring (sold in multiples of 50)
Badge maker* £3.80 per day + 45p per badge (sold in multiples of 50)
Traditional Games* £3.80 per day
Circus Skills* £3.80 per day
Physical Play
(aged eight years to adult)*
£3.80 per day
New Age Kurling* £3.80 per day
New Games* £3.80 per day
Strike it Healthy* £3.80 per day
Healthy Choices* £3.55 per day
Tri Golf* £3.80 per day
Health Challenge Board Game* £3.80 per day
Sports Pack* £3.80 per day
Balloon Modelling kit* £4.55 per day + £11.40 for materials (sold in multiples of 100) +
Fun Fitness £3.80 per day +
Face painting kit £3.80 per day + £15.80 per 50 participants (sold in multiples of 50) +

Equipment/sessions delivered and staffed


 Mobile Skatepark

 *£345.70 up to 4 hours
 *£576.15 for 4-8 hours

 Bouncy Castle

 *£110.60 up to 4 hours
*£178.00 for 4-8 hours

Giant Inflatable (Assault Course) *£221.00 up to 4 hours
*£356.00 for 48 hours

Giant Games Kit 

*£110.60 up to 4 hours
*£178.00 for 4-8 hours
Pre-5 Play Pack *£132.72 to 4 hours
*£213.60 for 4-8 hours
Traditional Games £21.60 per hour
Circus Skills £21.60 per hour
Physical Play (aged eight years to adult) £21.60 per hour
New Games £21.60 per hour
Balloon Modelling Workshop* £44.20 per hour, including materials
Healthy Choices Pack £21.60 per hour
Giant Health Challenge Board Game £21.60 per hour
Badge maker/Keyring maker £35.00 per hour, including materials
Face Paints* £22.00 per hour
Tri Golf £21.60 per hour
Sports Pack £21.60 per hour
New Age Kurling £21.60 per hour
Fun Fitness Kit £21.60 per hour

Events packages


Mini Fun Day *
Including: Bouncy Castle, Pre-5 kit OR
Giant Games and Face Paints.  Price
includes 3 members of staff

£261.00 for up to 4 hours
£475.00 for 4-8 hours
Mega Fun Day *
Including: Bouncy Castle, Pre-5 kit OR
Giant Games, Balloon Modelling, Face
Paints, Badge Making & New Games.
Price includes 6 members of staff

£475.00 for up to 4 hours
£890.00 for 4-8 hours

The above charges apply to voluntary groups, community groups, schools and nurseries within East Ayrshire. Commercial hires include a surcharge of 100% on prices above. Hires outwith East Ayrshire include a surcharge of 50% plus an additional mileage charge of 45p per mile.
* These charges include VAT at 20%.

To book please download the relevant booking form, complete and email it to the address below. Bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance and it is recommended that you telephone to determine availability before submitting your form. All bookings remain provisional until a completed form is received. We will send confirmation by email or post. This step finalises the booking.

Prices are subject to review from 1 April each year.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01563 576321