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We want East Ayrshire to be clean and green and our towns and villages to be vibrant. By working together we will ensure that service delivery always meets, and where possible exceeds, the needs of local people. 

We are looking for local businesses to provide support by:

  • signing up to our I Clean My Space initiative
  • encouraging the use of bins near their premises for litter and cigarette ends

Sign up for I clean my space

If you sign up to the I Clean My Space initiative, we will provide you with a brush, shovel and bags for the rubbish. You can leave your rubbish bag outside the front of your shop and it will be picked up by the normal StreetScene Operatives. You will also receive a sticker which you can proudly display on your shop window/door and which shows you have a commitment to keeping your space clean.

If you are interested in signing up to the scheme or want to discuss further, please contact us.

This will not have an impact on the normal provision Outdoor Services deliver and will not mean fewer StreetScene Operatives in your area.

Contact Information


Greener Communities
Western Road Depot
Western Road
Telephone: 01563 554061