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The aim of Power Down is to build a strong community of energy saving champions across our East Ayrshire centres, schools, homes and communities.

Windy the Wind Turbine

Meet ‘Windy,’ our Power Down mascot.

windy the windmill mascot standing in front of an electric powered bus

Power Down challenges

Power Down encourages schools and early childhood centres to reduce energy by completing monthly challenges, such as: 

  • appointing energy monitors and creating ‘switch off’ checklists
  • analysing energy and water usage, which has been supported by our energy team through the development of graphs for each facility
  • welcome Windy to your school/centre to share your great energy saving work
  • learning about renewable energy
  • getting involved in Windy Widnae Waste Water Week, to raise awareness and celebrate the importance of water
  • promote and share ‘Windy Widnae/Windy Wid’ top tips
  • join in with ‘Windy’s Earth Hour’ – switch off all non-essential electrical equipment for 60 minutes and spend this time doing something positive for our planet

Following the completion of each challenge, establishments will collect major parts of a wind turbine until they have a complete structure and be awarded with their ‘Power Down’ trophy at the end of the session.

How to participate

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To find out more about Power Down and keep up-to-date with our progress visit our Power Down ThingLink.

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