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Ayrshire Growth Deal

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Our vision is for Ayrshire to be a vibrant, outward looking, confident region, attractive to investors and visitors, making a major contribution to Scotland's growth and local wellbeing, and leading the implementation of digital technologies and the next generation of manufacturing.'

The Ayrshire Growth Deal (AGD) is a partnership being driven forward by the Scottish Government, the UK Government and East, North and South Ayrshire Councils. It represents £251.5 million worth of funding to help realise Ayrshire's potential as a world-class business region for the aerospace and space, energy, tourism, manufacturing and engineering industries.

The Deal presents a major opportunity to strengthen the Ayrshire, Scottish and UK economies. Targeted co-ordinated investment throughout the region will act as a powerful catalyst to stimulate growth and create employment opportunities, while tackling the issues of innovation, productivity and inequality across the region.

The Deal will match business growth opportunities to employment progression, developing the future workforce and community development, ensuring all communities benefit from economic growth. 

Ayrshire Growth Deal themes

The Ayrshire Growth Deal is based around five themes:

  • Aerospace and Space
  • Communities
  • Economic Infrastructure
  • Energy, Circular Economy, and Environment
  • Tourism

Annual report 2020/21

The first annual report highlighting the achievements and progress of the Ayrshire Growth Deal was published on Monday 28 February 2022.

You can view the report at Ayrshire Growth Deal: Publications and documents 

Community Renewal Energy Project

Read about the Community Renewal Energy (CoRE) Project which is one of several projects funded by the Deal. 

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