Public asked for views on Galleon Centre transformation

That’s why East Ayrshire Council has recently agreed a £14m investment package to  assist the Galleon Trust in a major revamp of the popular sports venue, updating and upgrading existing facilities and re-purposing some areas to cater for the demands of today’s leisure market.

As with all the Council’s community led regeneration plans, the emphasis is on making sure any new plans fit with the aspirations and desires of both those who currently use the facilities and also those families and individuals who don’t currently visit. As a result, a public consultation is now open, seeking the views of everyone who is interested in the future of the building.

Councillor Jim Roberts welcomed the survey saying: “the ongoing regeneration of Kilmarnock Town Centre is moving into an exciting new phase, and as Chair of  the Galleon Trust I’m delighted that the Council has agreed this significant investment.  People of all ages, abilities and fitness levels already use the Galleon, and we’re keen to hear their suggestions, but we also want to make sure that potential future users can also have their say in shaping the facilities to provide a centre that caters for all tastes and aspirations.”

The online survey is open until Friday 30 August. Paper copies are available to fill in at the Galleon Centre reception