Twenty years of Gaelic education celebrated at Onthank

Onthank Primary and Early Childhood Centre has celebrated 20 years of delivering Gaelic education with a superb school show for parents and invited guests.

The varied programme of activities was introduced by pupils Maisie Hinks (P7), Emma Cassidy (P5) and Leah Mills (P4), who did a brilliant job of keeping the show on track, as they introduced the acts.

Guests were delighted by the nursery pupils who sang Tunnagan Beaga (Little Ducks).

This was followed by Hamish Nicol, who enthralled the audience with his recital of the poem Feagal an Tàirneanaich (Fear of Thunder).

Lucie Thomson, Lucy Fullarton, Eubh Baillie also took to the floor and recited the poem Deich is a’ Fàs (Ten and Growing).

Almost stealing the show was a superb singing performance of Splis, Splais (Splish, Splash) from the primary 1-3 pupils, who put heart and soul into their effort.

Then came the Onthank Primary School Gaelic Choir who gave a moving and beautifully performed song, Cearcall a’ Chuain (The Circle of the Ocean).

Councillor Fiona Campbell, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “The school celebration show was simply outstanding and it is wonderful to see our youngest pupils engaging with Gaelic language and culture so confidently.

“Onthank has been consistently been delivering a high quality Gaelic education for pupils and the secrets of their success was evident in how well and how diligently every pupil performed.

“I’d love to see more of these celebration events taking place as we work to develop the Gaelic language, art and culture in schools and in our communities.”

Children’s Champion and Depute Provost Claire Leitch added: “Right from the start, the pupils were confident in their ability and keen to show us how well they had embraced Gaelic in their education and lives.

“The show was truly mesmerising and I was captivated to see how the young pupils were able to add emotion and drama into their work – clearly showing they were fully engaged in the learning and performing experience. It was absolutely fantastic.”

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