The 145th Open Championship – Royal Troon

The 145th Open Championships take place at Royal Troon between 10th and 17th July 2016.
The event will cause some disruption within Troon and surrounding areas and have generated enquiries from the public.

Below are some frequently asked questions;

Will there be restrictions on me getting into or out of Troon? :
There are road closure in place on Isle of Pin Road, Crosbie Road and Bentinck Crescent; otherwise there are no restrictions on access to Troon.

Where can I park to go to the Open? :
Anyone attending the Open by car will be directed to out of town Park and Ride facilities. Extensive parking restrictions will be in place around the Open site. There will be no on street parking in the vicinity of the Open.

Will residents be issued with vehicle passes? :
Unlike in 2004 where residents parking permits were issued, only residents within the closed roads will be issued with access passes. These will be distributed prior to the event.

Will parking restrictions be in place in Troon Town Centre? :
The only restrictions in place within the Town Centre are those currently in place.

I run a business and need access to some of the closed roads. Will this be permitted? :
You can apply to R&A Championships Ltd for either a weekly or daily access pass. Facilities are also in place at Bentinck Crescent where you can be issued with a temporary access pass.

Will any special arrangements be in place for employees of Town Centre businesses? :
No special arrangements are in place, and the current Town Centre restrictions will remain in place.

What are the travel options available for me to attend the Open? :
You can attend by car and will be directed to one of the Park and Ride sites. You can attend by Public Transport. Bus Stops are located near to the event. If travelling by Train there will be a Golflink Bus service operating between Troon Rail Station and The event. Walking routes will be signed from Prestwick as will cycle routes. There will be a cycle park located on NCN7 adjacent to the Course.

I have a disability. What facilities are in place for me to attend the event? :
Application can be made to R&A Championships Ltd for an advance ticket via If you identify that you are disabled you may be allocated a vehicle pass to park on course.

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