Take your rubbish home

Motorists will be on the highway to a big fine if they choose to throw rubbish from their car window.

The Corporate Enforcement Unit carried out a campaign focusing on the high numbers of motorists who choose to throw litter from their cars.

Areas like the A76 from Cumnock to Kilmarnock and the Grassyards and Bellfield interchanges are blighted with rubbish which is being thoughtless discarded. And it was time to take action.

The joint initiative, which involved colleagues from across the Council and Police Scotland, meant that targeted daily patrols took place over a week in November. During the initiative seven drivers, or passengers, were caught throwing rubbish out of their car onto the road or a footpath.

Each offender was issued with a £80 fixed penalty notice.

Councillor Tom Cook, Cabinet Spokesperson for Community Safety and Equalities said: “Litter is classed by the law as anything thrown down, left or otherwise deposited and this includes cigarette ends, food waste and drinks cartons. All of these items were witnessed being thrown from vehicles during this campaign and it is completely unacceptable.

“Local authorities across Scotland spend about £100 million clearing litter from streets and roads annually. In addition to the cost of clearing away rubbish, this type of work is dangerous for our employees and normally requires sections of road to be closed which is detrimental to all road users.

“No one wants to see their home town strewn with rubbish, so I am asking local people to think carefully before throwing waste from a car window. We have the technology to identify motorists and I can assure people that fines will be issued. There is no place for environmental crime in East Ayrshire.”

A fixed penalty notice is £80. If the fine is not paid within 14 days then the offender is reported to the Procurator Fiscal under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, where the maximum fine imposed by the Court can be £2500 and offenders can also have a criminal conviction recorded against them.

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