Stewarton action plan launches

The community of Stewarton has launched an action plan for their town which sets out their aims and hopes for the future.

Stewarton’s Community Action Plan Steering Group undertook an extensive engagement process over a six month period which included delivering a community views survey to all households; interviewing groups, organisations and businesses; carrying out a young person’s survey and holding a community event.

The engagement process was supported fully by the local community with well over 1500 surveys being returned and over 300 people attending the community event to vote for their priorities.

This process helped to identify the priorities that were then set out in the action plan with their vision for the future of Stewarton.

Priorities include:
• improving the countryside environment and landscaping at rivers
• utilising derelict buildings and empty shops
• developing and improving pedestrian and cycle paths
• improving sport and leisure facilities, particularly the feasibility of public swimming pool

From the aims and vision of the action plan, the steering group identified strategies and priorities which will help realise their vision for the future of Stewarton.

Local members for Annick, Councillors Ellen Freel, who is also a member of the Steering Group; Eòghann MacColl and John McGhee, joined over 200 people at a packed Stewarton Area Centre for the action plan launch.

Katie Kelly, Head of Housing and Communities said: “The Community Action Plan Steering Group in Stewarton has worked tirelessly to prepare an action plan which sets out the priorities for the development of Stewarton over the next five years.

“The group has had the full support of the community, ensuring that their views were heard through surveys, community meetings and events.

“I attended the launch of the action plan and the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by the group, and the community, was really infectious. They know that their priorities won’t be achieved overnight but have a strong commitment to improving Stewarton into the future.”

Members of the community were asked to share their vision for the future. Here’s what they said:

“A vibrant friendly community working towards a better place to live and bring up our kids”
“A safe comfortable town for future generations to grow up in and be proud of”
“Artisan workshops, swimming pool, golf course, walking routes in and around town, good shops and cafes, hotels and bed and breakfast services”

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