Everyday heroes

Three heroic East Ayrshire Council employees who saved the lives of a young mother and her baby were recognised by Provost Jim Todd at a special civic recognition event.

Jamie Dick, Andrew Graham and Chris Hunter, from Waste Management Services, were on their normal route in Shortlees when they heard a woman screaming for help.

The lady had just put her baby in her car when the car started to roll down her driveway. Her instinct was to save her baby and she tried to leap back into the car but ended up being pinned by the car door.

The car came to a stop against a fence, which prevented the car falling from a significant drop, but the full weight of the car was now crushing the lady who was having difficulty breathing.

The team sprang into action securing the car’s handbrake and quickly removing the baby from the car. The baby had become very distressed during the accident and they comforted the baby until help arrived.

The lady’s breathing was becoming laboured. The team kept her calm, helping her to control her breathing until they dismantled the concreted fence releasing the weight of the car and freeing her. They ensured the car was safely back on the road.

Provost Todd and Councillor Elena Whitham, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities held a special civic recognition event to thank Jamie, Andrew and Chris.

Provost Todd said: “I was delighted to recognise the heroic actions of Jamie, Andrew and Chris. They are so modest and didn’t even mention that they had saved the lady’s life when they returned to the depot. They just informed their line manager that they had damaged a fence on their run.

“Thank goodness they were there at that precise moment and were so calm, working quickly to save her life. The term hero can be over used but not in this case. Jamie, Andrew and Chris are real heroes. I was so pleased to meet them and thank them for their quick thinking.”