Dispose of waste properly or face the consequences

Illegal dumping and fly tipping is a crime and the Corporate Enforcement Unit (CEU) is taking strong action against those caught breaking the law.

Recently the CEU has seen an increase in environmental crime in the Patna and Dalmellington areas and have increased their enforcement activity locally to tackle this head on.

When a report was received of a large amount of waste dumped near Dunaskin Heritage site, officers from the CEU began a detailed investigation. They examined the items dumped, which included books, toys and clothes. From evidence taken from the site and local enquiries, the CEU traced the source of the waste to an individual from Mauchline who was subsequently fined £200.

Councillor Tom Cook, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Equalities said: “Through their enquiries it became clear to officers from the CEU that the individual had given his waste to someone else to dispose of. It is not only a criminal offence to physically dump waste, but is also an offence to allow your waste to be dumped by someone else.

“This means that if you give your waste to an unlicensed waste carrier or business, there is a good chance that you will end up with a £200 fine or being reported to the Procurator Fiscal under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The maximum fine the Court can impose is £40,000 so it really doesn’t pay to dump waste illegally or give it to someone to dump for you. Please use the Council’s civic amenities sites if you have additional waste or the bulky uplift service.”

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