Coffee and chat at iCafe

Anyone who’s come into town on their own and fancies a chat over a cuppa while they’re there can now do so at iCafe in King Street, Kilmarnock.

The idea to set up a specific place for people to meet up came about after Depute Provost Claire Leitch, who was previously a befriender to some of the most isolated members of our communities, noticed many people having coffees on their own at various cafes around town. She thought it would be good to encourage people who may be in the town centre on their own to meet up with others for a chat if they want to while they stop for coffee. The initiative is for everyone, from all walks of life and backgrounds, to take part in.

Town Centre Manager Fiona Nicolson explained the proposal to iCafe who were keen to trial the initiative over a few months. People can now meet on a Tuesday afternoon from 2pm until 3.30pm at iCafe where an area will be set aside for people to have their coffees and a chat. There are no questions asked; you just buy your drink and take a seat in the designated area and others who fancy a chat will do the same.

Depute Provost Leitch said: “This initiative is aimed at everyone from young mums with their babies to students to older people who are out doing their shopping. It’s all about interaction and meeting new people whilst having a chat over coffee. I am pleased that iCafe are keen to promote this idea and that they’ve already seen people making new friendships within the café.”


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